Agi token value

Agi token value

This means its backed by the ethereum proof-of-work (pow) consensus algorithm and battle-tested network of tens of thousands of nodes and miners.

  aga token was listed in january 2018 with average price of 0. In recent 1 year of price history aga token maintain average price of 0.

It has a circulating supply of 970 million agi coins and a max supply of 1 billion.

The agi token is an erc20 currency token of the singularitynet blockchain platform on the ethereum blockchain.

  there are currently 8 singularitynet exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade.

The price of bitcoin immediately soared from around 39,000 to 45,000 across major exchanges on feb. As the bitcoin price initially rallied to 45,000, it caused 500 million worth of short positions to get liquidated.

With a team that has amassed ai developers and robotics scientists, singularitynet (agi) was developed to serve as a marketplace for ai services made accessible through the blockchain. From individual algorithms & standalone ai applications to machine learning or model training, these services would be offered to satisfy demand for ai among various communities.

Recently, there has been concern that the agi to fiat fiat to agi trading services will kill the value of the agi token as people fear that no one will want it over cash. As the agi tokens are used, metcalfes law will still increase the value of the network by (n ), where n users, but in this case one could also argue that useful ai agents are users too.

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Agi token value

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