Agriculture optional for upsc

Agriculture optional for upsc

Agriculture is considering one of the top-scoring optional subjects to secure good marks in the upsc mains exam. Candidates who hold an academic background in the stream of agriculture, botany, zoology, and other related subjects can go with this as their optional for the upsc ias mains exam.

Upsc agriculture optional syllabus for ias mains 2020 career launcher agriculture is one of the 48 optional subjects in upsc civil services mains paper. Although it is not as popular as other mainstream subjects, a considerable number of candidates choose to take up agriculture as their optional.

After watching this course you will understand what you should do and what you should avoid while choosing an optional paper for upsc civil service exam. Also, agriculture optional related doubts will be cleared after watching this course.

There are both benefits and drawbacks if you take up agriculture as your optional in the ias mains exam. The key is to assess your own strengths and weaknesses, understand the demands of the upsc exam, go through the particular optional subjects syllabus and past question papers and then come to a decision.

Agriculture is the best optional subject for upsc because of its limited syllabus, and ability to relate to other streams like botany and zoology. However, it is still a technical subject and requires an extensive understanding of the agriculture upsc syllabus to choose the best books for the same.

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Agriculture optional for upsc

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Agriculture optional for upsc

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