Amp superleader fund

Amp superleader fund

Self managed super funds (smsf) amp have a wide range of smsf bank account products to help you personalise your super to suit you. From our loan product to cash account, amp will asses each individual customer and advise the best package for you.

Superleader is a super fund offered to you through your employer. It provides a simple range of investment options and insurance protection. This product is closed to new employer plans but new members can continue to join existing employer plans.

Amp superleader - high growth is a superannuation fund incorporated in australia. Address amp capital investors ltd 50 bridge street sydney, 2000 australia e clientservicesampcapital.

  fund name amp superleader - amp mysuper 1950s apir code amp1893au sectorasset class multisector life stages ? 1950s morningstar rating (as at ) legal structure superannuation fund fund inception fund size 145.

  performance charts for amp superleader - amp mysuper 1970s fund (amp1895) including intraday, historical and comparison charts, technical analysis and trend lines.

A dedicated business relationship manager is available to provide advice and guidance to plans. Established in 1993, amp superleader is designed to be a simple and cost effective superannuation solution for small and medium sized employers however, has been closed to new employer plans.

  fund name amp superleader - amp mysuper 1970s apir code amp1895au sectorasset class multisector life stages ? 1970s morningstar rating (as at ) legal structure superannuation fund fund inception fund size 535.

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Amp superleader fund

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