Assassin's creed odyssey cave of the oracle

Assassin's creed odyssey cave of the oracle

  this assassins creed odyssey walkthrough guide will show you the location of all loot treasures in the cave of oracle, boeotia.

The cave of the oracle was the cave wherein the oracle of trophonios was said to prophecy within reborn hills in boeotia, greece. It was a natural cave with human -built additions like stairs and an altar. The pilgrims visited the main hall, beyond which laid a tunnel system.

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  a lifes dedication, boeotia explore the cave of oracle assassins creed odyssey.

We already know the maya possessed first civilization artifacts as seen in black flag with the mayan armor, so the assassins around this period could have shown up to help defend these first artifact. So who would be the assassin who starts the west indies brotherhood? I think this would go to gonzalo guerrero, a shipwrecked spaniard.

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Assassin's creed odyssey cave of the oracle

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Assassin's creed odyssey cave of the oracle

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