Axis bank dollar exchange rate today

Axis bank dollar exchange rate today

Compare live axis bank exchange rates across the most popular world currencies. Find out how much it costs to transfer money with axis bank and how long a transfer would take.

Axis bank offers seamless , convenient money transfers from your country to any axis bank account at competitive exchange rates.

Up to 22,500 can be transferred per day in 3 three transactions and its by far the best limit available for customers who want to transfer large sums of money to india. Like other banks, axisremit also does not charge any fee on transfers but takes a cut in exchange rate for offering remittance services.

The rates are applicable for transaction up to inr 10,00,000. Given exchange rates are subject to market fluctuations and also to change without prior notice. Corporate card rates prevailing at the time of debitcredit to your account will apply and may differ from.

  get fixed deposits at attractive interest rates at axis bank and ensure good returns on your investment.

There may also be further charges levied by the drawee bank.

  live namibian dollar (nad) exchange rates today with best rate comparison on international money transfers, remittances and travel money.

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Axis bank dollar exchange rate today

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Axis bank dollar exchange rate today

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