Buy bonds with runecoins

Buy bonds with runecoins

Bonds are initially purchased for real money from jagex and can then be freely exchanged with other players and can at any time be redeemed for membership, keys or runecoins. Runescape bonds are an in-game item that allows players to pay for their runescape membership with in game currency or items.

Runecoins can now also be obtained with bonds, which can be obtained by payment or in the grand exchange, giving 195 runecoins per bond. Runecoins can now also be earned by clicking the earn tab in solomons general store. Runecoins have a maximum life span of twelve months from purchase.

Runecoins are a type of runescape currency released on bought through microtransaction, they are used to buy cosmetic items in solomons general store, which are found in the extras tab. Jagex currently has no plans to make them obtainable in-game in any way outside of bonds.

Buy runecoins by using a runescape gift card at gamecardsdirect you can obtain runecoins with bonds or earn them by clicking the earn tab in solomons general store. When you purchase runescape gift cards, you can purchase these bonds.

Other than membership, you can also use osrs bonds to purchase runecoins, items that are used to buy purely cosmetic items in solomons general store, the games cash shop. At that exchange rate, its hard to say no to spending your bonds on runecoins.

Pay your way using in-game gold to pick up bonds from the grand exchange and redeem them for runecoins.

Buy 200 rs runecoins key for the best price! Do not limit yourself - enhance your rs gameplay experience with runecoinds without spending any of your rs bonds you have collected over the course of the game, or even more so, if you dont have any.

Sometimes i buy runecoins, for th keys and membership i just buy bonds (actually now i stopped buying bonds for membership and started to buy the gold premier thing, but i used to pay it with bonds) level 1.

  runecoins are used in solomons store to purchase from a huge selection of cosmetic upgrades, titles, pets & more, with new items added every month.

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Buy bonds with runecoins

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