Cimb itrade brokerage fee malaysia

Cimb itrade brokerage fee malaysia

Clients who do not generate the required minimum day end turnover andor maintain the minimum day end trust balance, brokerage fees of 0. For more information, please call 03-2261 0888, email us at itradecimb.

For new clients, you will enjoy lower online brokerage fee of 0.

88, whichever is higher, when you trade online via cimb clicks. Enjoy a trading limit of 1x cash value, including the sales value of your shares.

88 (cimb clicks) 3 x cash collateral 2 x share collateral minimum balance of rm10,000 required for cimb clicks account online payment cimb, maybank, public bank, hong leong bank, bank islam.

  subsidiary agreement nominal (rm10 each) online brokerage fee as low as 0.

Contact our customer service representatives at 603 2635 6868 or email us at customerservice.

I have personally tried one other broker apart from the aforementioned two. Also, i should mention that ive been hearing great stuff about m online. They have one of the lowest fees among malaysia stock brokers.

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Cimb itrade brokerage fee malaysia

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Cimb itrade brokerage fee malaysia

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