Concealed carry positions for fat guys

Concealed carry positions for fat guys

  choosing the holster position for bigger guys some of the most popular methods are inside the waistband, ankle holster, shoulder holster.

  an inside the waistband concealed carry holster will inevitably jut out at least an inch or two from the waistline.

  ultimate guide to concealed carry for fat guys (positions, tips, holsters) november 12, 2020 by joshua gillem.

  concealed carry for fat guys, holster positioning i have a lot of weight in the front. My stomach is where most people tell my weight is, and thats fine. Appendix but, what this means, is that appendix carry aint happening.

  appendix or modified appendix carry works when you are a fat guy, simply make sure you purchase pants that can be hiked up above your belly crease (that area where your belly hangs down in front). This way when walking you can tighten the belt and carry lower, and when seated loosen a bit and bring the firearm up.

  there are just a handful of common places to carry appendix, pocket, ankle, and behind the hip are among the most common. Were going to talk here about the two most comfortable for big guys appendix and behind the hip.

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  most people assume that appendix carry is only suitable for skinny, athletic guys. But ive seen it work for people like me that carry a few extra pounds around the waist.

Some people choose to carry their gun on the strong side of their body either at the 3 oclock 4 oclock or 430 position. You should test all of these positions and see which one is most comfortable for you, which one allows for the greatest concealability, and practice drawing from those positions with an safe unloaded gun.

Because its inside your waistband, you can get holsters that allow for you to tuck in your shirt which hides the weapon even more. Placing the holster and weapon inside your waistband lets you carry at pretty much any position around your waist.

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Concealed carry positions for fat guys

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