Cryptosteel capsule review

Cryptosteel capsule review

  the cryptosteel capsule is a poor addition to the variety of options for backing up your seed recovery words.

Back in early 2017, i had the opportunity to review the original version of cryptosteel. Recently, cryptosteel announced that it is launching a new version, called cryptosteel capsule. The original version has since been renamed cryptosteel cassette.

  cryptosteel capsule review final verdict overall, i have used several metal recovery seed backups and this one is very unique.

Claims to be extremely durable - fireproof up to 1400c2500f.

  do you want to buy cryptosteel capsule? Httpscryptosteel. Comproductcryptosteel-capsule?csr570cryptosteel capsule, according to its manufacturer is a f.

Endorsed in january 2017 bitcoinmagazine article review cryptosteel is a great way to back up bitcoin private keys by kyle torpey. Reviews and user testimonials the capsules cylindrical design makes it a pretty inconspicuous product.

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Cryptosteel capsule review

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