Cs go skin quality chart

Cs go skin quality chart

  here is the csgo skin quality order (some skins have only some of them) factory new (fn) minimal wear (mw) field-tested (ft) well-worn (ww) battle-scarred (bs) csgo souvenirs.

Exterior are basically the quality of the paint job on the weapon skin. The hierarchy for item exterior is as follows (goes from worst to best exterior) battle-scarred bs well-worn ww field-tested ft minimal wear mw factory new fn the item exteriors will not changedecrease over time.

Conditions are assigned when a skin is unboxed, and never (ever) change - you cant improve or worsen a skins condition. Float values are numbers between 1 and 0 that represent how worn a skin is.

  on this level, you start finding the underdogs of the skin world. Some skins look terrible at this tier, while others are barely worse than higher levels. You can find both darn cheap and moderately affordable skins in this category.

Rarity (officially known as weapon quality) usually signifies a skins rarity and value. The most common skins are assigned the consumer rarity whereas the rarest skins are assigned the covert rarity.

Every csgo skin has a level of wear, which contributes to the quality of its imagery.

Each of these rarity grades has its general price range as well as some well-known skins of that rarity grade. In the context of csgo skins rarity, usually the rarer the skin the more expensive it gets.

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Cs go skin quality chart

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