Emirates nbd credit card late payment fee

Emirates nbd credit card late payment fee

A late payment fee is levied on the card account if the minimum payment due is not received on or before the payment due date. Start speaking please check your microphone and audio levels.

Emirates nbd credit cards platinum membership fees annual fee sar 300 supplementary card (up to 5 cards) free other fees charges annual percentage rate (apr) 66. 20 interest rate (cash advance) cash advance fee sar 75 late payment fee sar 100 foreign currency transaction fee 2.

Emirates nbd personal banking schedule of fees and charges.

Any al ansari exchange branch simply visit any of the conveniently located al ansari exchange branches and make a cash payment towards your emirates nbd credit card balance. Effective 1st feb 2020, a nominal transaction fee of aed 5 per transaction will be charged for bill payments through al ansari exchange branch, payable directly at the time of making the payment.

- late payment fee means the fee charged or levied to the card account if the entire minimum payment due is not received by the payment due date.

Management fees 1 of finance amount (capped at sar 5,000). Early settlement fees 3 months term cost from date of finance closure. Management fees 1 of finance amount (capped at sar 5,000).

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Emirates nbd credit card late payment fee

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