Exness cent account

Exness cent account

Standard cent accounts are a unique account type to exness as the only one to measure trading volume as cent lots (1 cent lot 100 000 cents or usd 1 000), unlike other standard and professional accounts which measure trading volumes as lots (1 lot 100 000 units of base currency).

The most advantageous, convenient and developed financial system on exness is ecn. Most professionals first register with a cent account and then transfer it to a more elite ecn account.

As you may have guessed from the name, all the financial transactions of this account will be through cent.

As you can understand from the name, all the financial transactions of this account will be calculated through cent. In other words, in other accounts such as profit or loss is calculated in dollars, the profit and loss of this account will be calculated in usc, that is, in cents.

  when trading exness standard cent account, you can get in touch with exness support team through email, phone calls, or live chat. Moreover, exness can support customers in many languages such as chinese, thai, vietnamese, russian, french, spanish, german, korean, and many more. They are available 247 and ready to assist you with anything.

  i will show you why exness cent account is the best for you exness is a big forex broker. The first reason is exness is the biggest retail forex broker.

  benefits of exness cent account! We know 1 100c (here c is cents). That means, if you deposit 5 in the brokers cent account, it will be displayed in the trading terminal as 1005 500 usc. We hope you understand the calculation and got some ideas about its difference between other trading accounts.

  exness cent account is greatly suitable for inexperienced traders since they trade only us cents.

Exness offers a wide range of account types, all designed to suit a diverse range of trading styles. They are divided into two main types standard and professional. Each account type offers its own set of conditions for commission, margin call, and leverage among many others.

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Exness cent account

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Exness cent account

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