Flappy bird arcade machine for sale

Flappy bird arcade machine for sale

Flappy bird arcade machine is a ticket redemption game based on the phenomenally popular mobile gaming app of the same name, which has been downloaded over 50 million times! Bay teks licensed flappy bird is sure to draw attention with the larger-than-life 42 screen and game play mechanics that will have players coming back for more.

Flappy bird merchandiser arcade machine is a fully licensed machine and features recognisable licensed artwork, as well as led lighting, a 32 monitor, well-lit prize display, and optional marquee! This fun and vibrant game will stand out in any location, while the addictive game play that flappy bird is known for will keep players coming back time and again for more chances to win.

Flap your way to great prizes with the flappy bird merchandiser by bay tek games. Gears, this prize-vending video game instantly attracts players not just due to the prizes inside but from a powerful license that is recognized worldwide! All you have to do to win is press the single button to flap your bird, keeping it from hitting one of the green pipes and.

The recognizable flappy bird artwork, 42 monitor and colorful lighting will sure be a great addition to any game room. Flappy bird arcade game dimensions 37 w x 40 d x 91h weight 300 lbs. Our used arcade redemption games come to you refurbished and fully tested.

Flappy bird ticket redemption arcade machine game for sale by bay tek - like new category games crane machines and self redemption games condition.

Where flappy bird is traditionally on a screen of a few inches diagonal is played, for many, the annoying bird on the arcade machine over flutter on the 42. The cabinet is built around the theme of flappy bird, and the operation is easy to summarize there is one button. Anyone interested in the arcade machine will need to contact bay tek games.

  original flappy bird game asus me302c tablet, barely used & runs good.

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Flappy bird arcade machine for sale

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