Git rebase theirs

Git rebase theirs

When we run into merge conflicts during a rebase, we are effectively in the middle of a merge, so the rules for git checkout --ours--theirs from above still apply.

A git rebase upstream will first set head to the upstream branch, hence the switch of ours and theirs compared to the previous current working branch.

Git rebase theirs is actually the current branch in the case of rebase. So the below set of commands are actually accepting your current branch changes over the remote branch.

But git rebase --strategy -x theirs is only available from git 1. And despite the name, its also useful for fixing failed cherry-picks. It works by discarding all lines between and inclusive, and.

Assuming branch-a is our current version git rebase -xtheirs branch-b - ours branch-b, theirs branch-a git merge -xtheirs branch-b - ours branch-a, theirs branch-b thus, if you are merging changes from originmaster and would like git to favor your current branch code during merge conflicts, youd need to do this.

Start an interactive rebase with git rebase -i commit, where commit is the commit you want to split. In fact, any commit range will do, as long as it contains that commit. When it comes to editing that commit, execute git reset head.

Contribute to cnstgit-tools development by creating an account on github.

A collection of git utilities and useful extra git scripts ive discovered or written, packaged for ease of use with shell frameworks.

With the rebase command, you can take all the changes that were committed on one branch and replay them on a different branch.

The first thing to understand about git rebase is that it solves the same problem as git merge both are designed to integrate changes from one branch into another just in different ways. When you do rebase a feature branch onto master, you move the base of the feature branch to master branchs ending point.

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Git rebase theirs

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