Glue aluminium to wood

Glue aluminium to wood

Press the wood to the aluminum and hold the two materials in place for a few seconds. Apply a clamp to the wood and the metal to keep the two materials together while the epoxy cures.

  short (ish) video comparing how well or poorly four different common adhesives bond aluminum to wood (specifically maple).

When sticking aluminium to soft wood, some preparation helps. Weve run the numbers and we think youll have the best time with tecbond 261.

Effective epoxy adhesives include two-part adhesives that have to be mixed together. For small projects, or if a small amount of epoxy is needed at one time, consider two-part epoxy products in a syringe that mixes together as it is dispensed. This is the easiest product to use for bonding aluminum to wood.

  when gluing aluminum to wood, polyurethane glue might work the best, because epoxy tends to have difficulty with porous surfaces. Flexible or temporary bonds can be achieved with silicon glues. Whatever the choice of glue is, it is vital to follow all of the manufacturers instructions and use only the amount necessary.

Franklin 2303 titebond polyurethane glue is designed to glue wood to wood, as well as wood to metal, ceramics, and most plastics too. This glue can be used for both porous and non-porous materials. What is beneficial is that this glue features a long 20 minute working time until it starts to set.

Use a trowel to spread the zigzagged adhesive around, leaving the bead of glue around the perimeter intact. Use the roller across the entire surface to work out any air bubbles starting from the center and moving outward.

If i was using epoxy i would prep the aluminum by sanding with a low speed sander 36 or 60 grit.

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Glue aluminium to wood

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