Gtc global trading club login

Gtc global trading club login

Located in miramar, florida, us exclusively is representing several companies in america, europe and asia, as purchase platform of recycled plastic type ldpe, hdpe, lldpe and others.

Our trade experts have been in your shoes and practice trade compliance day in and day out. In less time that it takes you to research and find answers for your trade compliance questions, you can take any number of courses with gtc and have our experts teach you what you need to know, allowing you to get to work with confidence.

The gtc is an introductory-level programme designed to help you build a foundational understanding of global trade finance solutions. It will benefit transactional and relationship managersas well as executives from management, credit, legal and compliance functions.

Products are bought and sold globally requiring the right trade knowledge to get products to customers. Gtc provides trade training to build and sharpen those skills so your shipments reach their destination avoiding factors that ultimately cost your business time and money.

The global trade certificate (gtc) is a front and middle office focused certification, providing solid knowledge on trade finance products. It is an ideal programme for professionals wanting to build an understanding of the nuts and bolts of global trade finance.

Clients in over 70 countries from global banks through to small enterprises. Gtc introductory-level certificate providing a comprehensive understanding of trade finance products.

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Gtc global trading club login

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