How many bitcoins per block

How many bitcoins per block

This number changes about every 10 minutes when new blocks are mined. This chart shows the historical amount of bitcoin in circulation.

Blocks count 682,622 ( 205730 utc) block size 876. 05 usd) next halving block 840000 (in 1573ys) reward (last 24h) 1,10690. 41 usd) fee in reward (average fee percentage in total block reward) 8.

  since a new block is added every 10 minutes to the blockchain, and each block as of now produces 12. 5 btc, therefore, everyday 1800 bitcoins are being minted or mined.

The bitcoin reward is divided by 2 every 210,000 blocks, or approximately four years. Some of the bitcoins in circulation are believed to be lost forever or unspendable, for example because of lost passwords, wrong output addresses or mistakes in the output scripts.

The block reward dropped from 50 bitcoins per block to 25 per block. The price later climbed to 260 per btc in april 2013, followed by 1,163 per btc in november 2013. It is unclear, however, whether these price rises were directly related to the block reward halving.

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How many bitcoins per block

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