How to connect razer raiju to ps4

How to connect razer raiju to ps4

Although the razer raiju is recognized as an xinput controller if the razer raiju driver is installed, you can switch the driver to use razer raiju as a ps4 controller on steam. Please install the latest steam beta and select ps4 configuration support under steam settings open the device manager.

The raiju ultimate is primarily designed as a ps4 controller. So in general i dont think raiju is really supported right now. You will need to select the correct option on the underneath for the controller via the switch and then you need to go into your console settings and select the option to add a bluetooth device.

If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Press the share and ps button together in order to pair it with ps4 via bluetooth.

Its kinda weird, but there are 2 levels of connection sync. To connect to the ps4 you have to hold down the ps button and share for quite a while. That will change the connection light blinking to rapid and then it will sync to the ps4.

  can i use my razer raiju on steam as a ps4 controller? Yes! Although the razer raiju is recognised as an xinput controller, if the razer raiju driver is installed, you can switch the driver to use razer raiju as a ps4 controller on steam (please install latest steam beta and select ps4 configuration support under steam settings) open device manager find razer raiju under human interface.

Activate pairing mode by holding both the options and ps buttons until the status indicator starts blinking rapidly. On your pc, go to settings devices bluetooth & other devices add bluetooth or other device bluetooth and select.

  you can connect your razer raiju mobile to your android phone using the usb-c cable included in the package, or wireless via bluetooth.

This is how i setup my razer raiju ps4 controller to play call of duty infinite warfare. I cover how i map every additional button, which kontrolfreeks i.

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How to connect razer raiju to ps4

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How to connect razer raiju to ps4

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