How to spot divergence

How to spot divergence

Above you see the daily chart of the most highly liquid forex pair the eurusd. At the bottom of the chart we have the macd indicator, which is used to spot a bullish divergence. Notice that on the chart the eurusd closes with lower bottoms.

  hidden divergence each type of divergence will contain either a bullish bias or a bearish bias. Since youve all be studying hard and not been cutting class, weve decided to help yall out (cause were nice like that) by giving you a divergence trading cheat sheet to help you spot regular and hidden divergences quickly.

  how to spot bullish divergence as both divergences look for disagreement between the technical indicator you are using and the price action itself. In the case of a bullish divergence, the signal occurs when the indicator makes higher lows (becoming less bearish) while the price action itself is establishing lower lows.

The rsi can in addition, be used to spot a bearish pattern of divergence. The snapshot below illustrates how to spot a divergence using the rsi.

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How to spot divergence

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How to spot divergence

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