Hsiao shun vampyr

Hsiao shun vampyr

Return another day and talk to hsiao shun to get her first hint.

She is mourning her husbands death and jonathan can meet her for the first time at the stonebridge cemetery where she is trapped and threatened by skals in a crypt. After jonathan helped her to get rid of the skals, she moves on to her husbands grave where jonathan can find her later on.

  vampyr - where is hsiao shun? Written by lycandid dec 18, 2018 other vampyr guides achievements trophies list.

During the epidemic, matthew contracted influenza, but neither of them realised how bad the illness was, even laughing about it together. Hsiao shun was unsure if matthew tried to hide the gravity of his illness from her, or if he.

Vampyr where is hsiao shun? Other vampyr guides achievements trophies list.

Check out how to complete the vampyr widow in trouble mission. She is the widow in mention during the a widow in trouble investigation.

Jun 7, 2018 830pm where is hsiao shun -maybe spoiler as the title says, where does she live ? Ive convinced her to go home (after the attack in cementary), done some progress in on the main.

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Hsiao shun vampyr

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