Icici bank travel card reload

Icici bank travel card reload

Walk into nearest designated icici bank branch with the reload form. Instant reload facility is available for forex prepaid cards linked to internet banking imobile app. Users should update imobile app to avail this instant reload facility.

  go to forex & travel cards cards, loans & forex select the linked travel card you wish to reload and click on reload enter the currency and amount details and click on submit the icici bank travel card can be loaded with up to 15 currencies.

Make payments easily in a number of foreign currencies with forex prepaid cards from icici bank. Browse through our range of forex prepaid cards and pick the perfect travel companion for all your international trips. To view the forex prepaid cards on offer, head to the section titled variants of our forex prepaid cards below.

Select the linked travel card you wish to reload and click on reload 4. Enter the currency and amount details and click on submit the power-packed icici bank travel card is a smart, cost.

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Icici bank travel card reload

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Icici bank travel card reload

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