Install mt4 on linux vps

Install mt4 on linux vps

  hello everyone, this is just a quick tutorial on how to install a fresh meta trader 4 on a linux vps.

The system will automatically determine that you are trying to run a file designed for microsoft windows and will offer to open it with wine.

  i want to install mt4 on web hosting i have vps server from blue hosting which is linux based.

2-3 copy the file of mt4 installation which could exist on your homeoffice computer and paste it on the vps desktop.

  my test installing mt4 on linux was a little while ago but i had also that proxy problem. Installing lib32-gnutls andor using winetricks to install winhttp or installing winbind solved it afaik ( winetricks winhttp andor sudo apt install winbind ) 1.

  to install the terminal, download the installer mt4setup. The system will automatically determine that you are trying to run a file designed for microsoft windows and will offer to open it with wine.

  open your cprogram files folder (or wherever you have installed an mt4 platform) and locate the mt4 installation folder.

  step 4) you should now be connected to your vps and a fresh empty windows desktop should appear. All thats left now is to download metatrader 4 platform installer from your broker. So browse to your brokers website, and find the download link. Step 5) once you have metatrader 4 installed, you will want to get your expert advisor(s) on to the vps.

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Install mt4 on linux vps

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