Investec account fees

Investec account fees

Read the comprehensive fee schedule for your investec private banking. Find out how you benefit from competitive transaction fees and other great benefits.

Fee table private bank account new vat inclusive fee investec private banking platinum account r535 young professionals under 30 years of age r295 extra guaranteed accounts r300 multiple accounts r300 electronic only (eo) accounts r250 this option is only for clients living abroad.

Open a sterling-based transactional account in the uk (for an additional fee). Enjoy preferential exchange rates on foreign exchange whether you are investing internationally, making international payments or receiving funds from abroad into your investec account.

Investec, as a member of the banking association of south africa, is proud to partner with government and other sa banks on this initiative.

Aer (annual equivalent rate) illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once a year.

There is also an online online share trading platform at no additional monthly fee and flat brokerage and you get access to an award winning private bank account card. Investec contact details address 100 grayston dr, sandton, johannesburg 2196.

  the investec black card is a private banking account that comes with a dedicated private banker that is available to you 247. The account comes with an international transaction fee of 2.

  investec rewards program allows members to invest reward proceeds to unit trust. Using this approach you will be able to earn future income from nothing. You can also use financial rewards to pay monthly account services fees. Investec reward program allows members to redeem their points and use them for shopping.

If youre a busy person with a tight schedule, they make your life easier by coming to you with documentation already completed.

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Investec account fees

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Investec account fees

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