Iota partnership with microsoft

Iota partnership with microsoft

Iota has partnered with microsoft, fujitsu, and twenty more companies to launch the first publicly accessible data marketplace for the internet of things.

  up-and-coming cryptocurrency startup iota has partnered with microsoft, fujitsu, and twenty more companies to launch the first publicly accessible data marketplace for the internet of things.

  iota founder dominik schiener has confirmed the cryptocurrency firm has no formal partnership with microsoft.

Iota recently announced that it is partnering with a host of reputed organizations like microsoft, bosch, fujitsu in order to gain technological leverage. The aim of iota is to use the distributed ledger technology with the technological expertise of the above-mentioned organization.

The iota foundation announced the launch of the data marketplace designed for the rising internet of things (iot) industry. The company which stands behind the namesake cryptocurrency has already.

Iota partnership with microsoft in november, 2017, iota announced the launch of the worlds first publicly accessible data marketplace powered by a distributed ledger for the internet of things (iot) in conjunction with companies like microsoft.

But later in december 2017, iota stated that it currently has no formal partnership with microsoft. The debate was ignited when microsoft blockchain specialist omkar naik stated via email correspondence with iota we are excited to partner with the iota foundation and proud to be associated with its new data marketplace initiative.

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Iota partnership with microsoft

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Iota partnership with microsoft

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