Karatgold coin scam

Karatgold coin scam

Karatgold coin (kbc) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the ethereum platform. Karatgold coin has a current supply of 12,000,000,000 with 4,728,283,143.

  in conclusion, we are very suspicious of karatbars international and the karatgold coin. Due to the major red flags, mlm, price predictions, lack of github development, breach of confidence after gold independence day with regards to the already contradicting gold backing, and all the too good to be true claims.

  the bafin has stated that karatgold is not authorized to provide electronic money, therefore the regulator issued a cease and desist order to the karatbit foundation. This order is of course valid in germany only, but if the karatgold coin is deemed to be a security in germany, you can be pretty sure that the same judgement is valid for the entire eu.

Karatgold coin was founded in 2018, it is not trading on any exchanges. Karatgold coin was added to the dead coins list due to being scam or other issues.

More disturbing is the fact that karatbank coin ico has restricted a list of countries from participating in the ico. The restricted countries include the us, canada, china, singapore and green card holders.

  seiz also said karatgold coin (kbc) is a utility token and therefore not subject to prospectus requirements under bafin regulations and certain.

  the entire gold independence day event was a desperate attempt to prop up the value of the ethereum-based karatgold coin that has been steadily winding down for some time. Herald seiz, josip heit, alex bodi, and ovidiu toma managed to get a massive cash infusion after this event, even though nobody at the event was able to convert exactly 100 kbcs into 1g of gold.

  karatgold coin may change this, offering a classic asset in a new digital package that offers real value to todays crypto marketplace. Whether youre looking for an alternative to tether, trying to invest in gold in a convenient way, or simply wishing to have a versatile new asset type in the crypto markets, karatgold coin may soon find its way into your portfolio.

  karatbars karatgold kcb kbc ico coins scam reviews! Dont buy or promot karatbars or karatgold ico because karatbars is misleading and they mislead me. If you buy into it, you will end up in the same situation i am in right now.

  seiz claims to have raised about 100m (78m) through sales of his karatgold coin (kbc). At packed launch events in cape town and amsterdam in june and september this year,.

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Karatgold coin scam

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Karatgold coin scam

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