King's raid lilia review

King's raid lilia review

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Lilia s2 buff increases rate by 150 (is this additive 270 or multiplicative 300). Skill books increase it 50 so that should go to 225 increase (if additive 345 or multiplicative 390) lilia s2dark reduces duration but double effect.

Role ampcc sub-dps or main dps (arena) pros dodge boost, atk boost, cri dmg boost, pvp backline diver, extra boost in guild war, good cc. Cons atk boost is not as efficient as other heroes for scoring content, countered by demia in pvp, her legs look weird in some costumes.

Lilia once again vespa panders to the lolicons and gives some crazy buffs to the fbis favorite member of catch the predator. S1s buff is warranted, it isnt the greatest skill in the world and deserves some more oomph to it. Now we get into the wtf were you smoking territory of this balance patch.

  despite the amount of dps characters it has, kings raid is a game that is focused on building your supports as much as your main dealer. If you put more than one dps in the same team, they start stealing buffs from each other and none of them will reach their max potential.

  laias is probably one of the best healers there is now in kings raid franchise, when i say the best, she is! But some of her companions of the healers association can still prove very effective that her.

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King's raid lilia review

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