Legacy student living tallahassee

Legacy student living tallahassee

Legacy student living offers one- and two-bedroom apartments right next to fsu! Enjoy the perks of a new space without the price tag. We offer individual leases, furnished options, and rent includes high-speed internet.

See all available apartments for rent at legacy student living in tallahassee, fl. Legacy student living has rental units ranging from 427-854 sq ft starting at 415.

At legacy student living, we offer one- and two-bedroom floor plans at competitive prices for tallahassee student apartments.

Legacy student living offers 1 2 bedroom floor plans! Take a virtual tour now of our renovated 1 bedroom! Enjoy the perks of a new space without the price tag. Our 1 bedroom apartment has a brand new kitchen - new cabinets, granite counter tops, and black-on-black appliances - plus a breakfast bar! Rent includes cable and internet we also furnished options.

Legacy suites also has covered parking available for residents. With an on-site fitness center and sparkling swimming pool, theres no need to leave- youve got everything in your backyard. Legacy student living is located in tallahassee , florida in the 32304 zip code.

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Legacy student living tallahassee

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