Maiak m bg

Maiak m bg

Maiak m jsc was founded in 1992 and specialises in importing and trading in a wide range of ferrous metal types and sizes for applications such as machine building, metalworking, power facility repairs, power industry, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding,.

Calculator for hollow structural sections - rectangular calculators. Steel sheets and plates seamless steel pipes - circular hollow structural sections - circular hollow structural sections - square hollow structural sections - rectangular round steel bars square steel bars flat bars equal angles unequal angles channels - gost channels - upn beams - ipn beams - ipe beams - hea (ipbl) beams.

The company maiak m jsc was founded in 1992 and specialises in importing and trading in a wide range of ferrous metal types and sizes for applications such as machine building, metalworking, power facility repairs, power industry, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, ship repairs, maintenance and rehabilitation activities.

Was established 18 years ago with main activity import and trade with wide range of dimensions and types of products from carbon steel, which find successfully application in construction, metal working, machine-building, energy and energy-repairing industry, chemical industry, ship-building and ship-repairing, mining industry.

Calculator for hollow structural sections - square calculators.

Maiak m jsc is a company specialising in two directions commercial activity supply of metals, and production activity processing of metals. The successful development of the company over the years has made the name maiak m recognizable both in bulgaria and abroad.

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Maiak m bg

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