Maplestory 2 assassin awakening build

Maplestory 2 assassin awakening build

Regardless, id upgrade ghost, then pride bolt, then guardian based on relative damage gain.

  translations for assassin awakening 2 httpsmaplehutblog.

This maplestory 2 assassin build guide features the best ms2 assassin builds, skill setups and information, gear, macros, attributes and much more.

An assassin guide after seeing many maplers who have been asking nexon to buff assassin as well as being requested to make one.

It has a super high explosive ability, gorgeous skills and strong sense of operation. However, due to the need to release skills and move frequently, it is difficult to operate.

  maplestory 2 knight skills translation (kms) by sabidy babidy. Hey there! My name is sabidy babidy and i am a maplestory 2 youtuber streamer. Keep in mind i do not speak korean, this is done with google translate and edited to make sense in english.

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Maplestory 2 assassin awakening build

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