Mhw witcher side quest failed

Mhw witcher side quest failed

The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. Originally posted by greb theres a bug aparently, and possibly might even be effected by mods.

There are two side quests that are part of the witcher 3 wild hunt collaboration quest in monster hunter world the chief issue and pukei pukei in peril.

  side quest guide - trouble in the ancient forest - the witcher monster hunter world - youtube.

Some strange markings trigger a side quest the chief issue - go to the lynian researcher in the north portion of sector 12 (you must go up a tree trunk and vines). You must have all palico gadgets before starting this sub-quest or the sub-quest will be instantly marked as failure, as you require the lynian researchers ability to interprete gajalakas language.

In order for the researcher to be able to translate the doodles, your gajalaka unity must be at 1. Go to the elders recess, have the gajalaka join your party and fight a monster! I had the issue where the quest failed and decided to do this to see if it made a difference (i also equipped the mewlotov).

There is a side quest where you need to go speak with a researcher about the doodles a lot of people myself included have been failing this quest. Well i figured out! Whenever you speak to him he tells you that he doesnt have enough research on doodles to decipher them and that youre out of luck he needs the commission hunter to help him with his.

  covering the main quest, side quests, rewards and more!if you found this video enjoyable o. A guide to the witcher cross over event with monster hunter world.

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Mhw witcher side quest failed

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