Monoprice mini delta enclosure

Monoprice mini delta enclosure

Feel free to print and enjoy as this project is complete and works on all 3 sides d and hey, if you were blessed by this design wont you leave me a tip? ) just use the paypal link, or better yet hire me for your next project d httpswww.

I wanted to make an enclosure for my delta, and had some free acrylic to work with. I designed this and printed a total of 6, two for each space. The sides rest in the slot allowing the 8mm thick acrylic to slide either way, and be removed easily. I cut the acrylic a bit shorter on the side with the extruder as to make room.

Mp select mini 3d printer enclosure this is an instructable for making an enclosure for the very popular monoprice select mini 3d printer. The main thing that youll get out of this are the dimensions for the different pieces.

Mp mini delta bottom cover with extended legs and fan mount.

Wanhao duplicator 6 d6 - monoprice maker ultimate - enclosure handmade in plexiglass with magnetic handle.

Printer cabinet for monoprice maker select from ikea lack tables.

The monoprice select mini printer is an open design, all noise making parts are exposed, and as the stepper motors move the head and the platform, the vibration transfers to the table it is sitting on.

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Monoprice mini delta enclosure

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Monoprice mini delta enclosure

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