Ooma india calling rates

Ooma india calling rates

Oomas international rates make it a popular choice to call india, and it all starts with the basic and premier service plans. With basic service and premier service , calls to indian landlines and mobile phones are just 0.

For 12 months when you make a one-time purchase of ooma telo for 99. This includes unlimited minutes to landlines in over 60 countries and to mobile phones in over 10 countries.

9 cents per minute to reach any of the countrys landlines and cell phone numbers. These affordable rates are available with both your ooma home phone service or through the ooma calling app.

Get everyday low rates on international calling with basic service.

So if your family has access to ooma you can call them for as long as you want without spending a single cent. But ooma offers you cheap international calling plans at just 0.

  international calls are prohibitive on ooma esp calls to india is about 0. 15 per minute on average and this rate is just not competitive. Other service providers offer competitive rates starting at 0.

Yes, you can call internationally for free by calling other ooma customers! Calling between ooma systems is free regardless of where in the world the systems are located.

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Ooma india calling rates

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Ooma india calling rates

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