Potbelly gluten free

Potbelly gluten free

Use our nutrition calculator to build your meal just the way you want it, to fit your lifestyle. Our allergen menu will help if you need to watch out for or avoid any particular ingredients. At potbelly we dont just make great foodwe help you make the right decisions for you.

Just dont get your hopes up for a gluten free bread from the potbelly sandwich shop.

  sometimes you just want to indulge if this is the case, the vanilla shake at potbelly is a.

Below, youll find the easy to read version of the potbelly gluten free menu. Heres everything from potbelly that doesnt contain gluten meats and other main sandwich stuff.

Also, what are potbelly meatballs made of? The ingredients were pepperoni, meatballs, capicola, marinara sauce, provolone cheese, mushrooms, and italian seasoning. How many calories are in a potbelly italian sandwich? Nutrition facts.

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Potbelly gluten free

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