Scottrade trust account

Scottrade trust account

  trust its also possible to open an investing account on behalf of a trust. There are four trust account options with scottrade psp, mpp, keogh, and regular. Various types of individual retirement account are offered, including traditional, roth, simple, sep, and rollover.

  scottrade offers the following brokerage account types individual brokerage account manage your finances with our individual brokerage account.

If you have an individual, joint, trust, traditional ira or roth ira with scottrade, then you are eligible for a scottrade bank account. With this type of bank account, you can do quick transfers to your scottrade trading account, which enables you to trade even faster.

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For the most recent information please read td ameritrade fees and commissions. Scottrade annual fee there is no monthly or annual fee on account management at scottrade. Promotion promotion 0 commissions transfer fee reimbursement.

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Scottrade trust account

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Scottrade trust account

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