Spread btp bund chart

Spread btp bund chart

The graph is an update of the previous analysis and follows the spread between italian btp 10y and german bund 10y with a timeline of the italian governments announcement and the european commission responses.

Discover quotation, yield, daily and historical trend chart and news.

  btpbund spread is a touch wider, but we are trading at the widest level since 0402.

Spread btp-bund 10y bond analysis find the latest financial analysis about the spread btp-bund 10y bond.

In the graph below, in the first frame we have the spread between btp and bund (box 1), in the second (box 2), we have the 10y btp yield (blue line), and the 2y btp yield (red line) i preferred to show the curves of the two rates and not their spread, to avoid evidencing false signals given by simultaneous ascents or descents of the two above mentioned yields.

In this last period, the btp-bund spread has been reported several times in economic newspapers each time the indicator was around 280.

Latest news about Spread btp bund chart

Spread btp bund chart

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