Volume spread analysis pdf

Volume spread analysis pdf

Here it is important to karthik marar volume spread analysis take note of the volume price pattern and angle of ascent. Suddenly you will see the stock dropping down like stone from its high perch.

Volume spread analysis the foundations for volume spread analysis were laid by r. Wyckoff was supposed to have made fortunes with his principles. Wyckoff stared with a premise that price volume time could provide a picture of the demand and supply from smart money (he called the smart money composite man).

The amount of 3-dimensional space occupied by an object the gas expanded to twice its original volume.

For the correct analysis of volume, you need to understand that the recorded volume contains only half the knowledge required for a correct analysis. The other half of the knowledge is found when observing the spread (or range) of the price bar and the closing price on that bar.

  volume is valuable because it offers another market dimension for analysis. Volume is also dangerous because it confuses those who do not understand it. Pick up vsa concepts steadily and use them in your trading prudently. Once volume starts to make sense to you, you will see progress but improvements will not come overnight.

  now lets flip the setup and look at how to use volume spread analysis to catch long reversal trades. As you can see on the chart below, the candle range (high minus low) is very narrow. At the same time you can see that volume was also weaker than the past two days.

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Volume spread analysis pdf

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